International Luxury Cars Conference 2019

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Regarding the luxury car market, the leading premium car brands include Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Toyota's lexus brand, GM's cadillac brand, Hondura's Acura Brand, Nissan's infinity brand, and Ford's lincoln brand.  In 2013 the global market for luxury cars was sized at just under 320 billion euros.

 Oftentimes, the luxury car market is broken down into the following segments: premium compact vehicles, mid-sized luxury cars, high-end luxury cars, ultra luxury cars as well as SUVs and cross over models. The boundaries between these categories are blurred and vary between regions.  According to analysts at data compilation and ananlysis firm Vincentric, Audi models rank highest in terms of value to cost of long term ownership, with the sporty Audi TT model, the premium large sedan Audi A7 TDI, the prestigious audi R8 model and the premium mid-sized crossover Audi Q5 TDI receiving excellent scores.  As of November 2014, the Rolls Royce Phantom Extended wheel base, ultra luxury car was ranked amoung the ten most expensive luxury automobiles worldwide.